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Dolly Shines On American Idol

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Dolly Shines On American Idol

Postby Chris on Thu Apr 03, 2008 12:54 am

Dolly Parton week continued tonight on American Idol with all of the Idol contestants beginning the show with a performance of Dolly’s “9 To 5″. Dolly later performed the brand new single from her Backwoods Barbie album, “Jesus & Gravity”, complete with a gospel choir and her full band. After the performance, Dolly joked with host Ryan Seacrest, saying “I’ve got Jesus and you’ve got Simon!” Then after a round of mixed performances on last night’s show, Ramiele Malubay was sent home with the other eight contestants heading on to the next round of competitions. All of last night’s live performances from the contestants, as well as full-length studio versions, are now available for download on iTunes.

The American Idol website has posted three interview clips with Dolly as she discusses working with all the Idol contestants, the making of her new Backwoods Barbie album, and writing all the music for her upcoming 9 To 5 Broadway musical:

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