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Jake's Adventures In Dollywood Promos

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Jake's Adventures In Dollywood Promos

Postby Chris on Wed Dec 19, 2007 6:47 pm

The upcoming UK special Jake's Adventures In Dollywood is generating a lot of buzz amongst both Dolly and Scissor Sister fans alike. The official Scissor Sisters website has posted a blurb about the special along with four great photos of Jake meeting his favorite country queen. Check out all four photos here: ... olly04.jpg ... olly03.jpg ... olly02.jpg ... olly01.jpg

Two great promo clips of the special have also been posted to YouTube. The first features Dolly and Jake discussing questions they're sick of hearing from the press and the second clip has Jake singing along with Dolly on "Calm On The Water." Both are too cute to miss so check them out:

Are there any UK fans out there who can record me a copy??!
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