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please take a few and email these folks! we gotta help dolly

PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2007 10:57 am
by chaddolly
remember to keep requesting and emailing! dont give up! the following are the four big radio stations that play across the usa and hunreds of stations.
email whitney here
she was on there promoting so email him @

xm radio has it, but they have only been doing about 10 spins per week,so change that!
or call 1-866-754-0004

sirius satellite radio
link to the dj times and email are here: ... 9&s=person

lets hit these four areas pretty hard!!! lets keep her moving up the charts! we will know tomoorow or tuesday if she moves higher than #52 this week!!!lets keep are fingers crossed and keep the requestin up! dolly needs are help! and with over 800 alreday members on here are voice should be heard!!!