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Just a Toronto girl that loves Dolly!

Are you new to the board and not sure where to start posting? Well, you can start off by introducing yourself here...

Just a Toronto girl that loves Dolly!

Postby DollyGirl_Melissa on Mon Sep 10, 2007 4:04 pm

Well, obviously I'm new to this forum! I'm excited to see that there is other people like me who absolutely LOVE this woman! I've been listening & watching Dolly since I was 2! I'm 23 now and nothing has changed. Her music is just so real and original, you can't find music like this anymore! I wish she can stay around forever, I don't want her to get older! LOL
One day I hope (if I'm lucky enough) to tell her that throughout my life her music has been there for me in good and bad times and even inspired me and guided me through my own music career. I hope one day I can be just as successful as she is. I'm living in Toronto right now working hard everyday as a solo artist. Dolly keeps me going, as usual! My dream is to do a duet with her, well, you never know right? Gotta keep on dreaming! Anyways, back to business and working hard on my music.
Dolly ROCKS! Love, love, love HER!
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Greerings from England

Postby andrew-p on Fri Sep 14, 2007 10:55 am


I've been a Dooly fan for years now tight thru; from Jolene and Coat of Many Colours to Heartsongs, Halos and Horns etc. Gid there are so many out yjere. One prolific lady!

On her recent (ish) visit to the UK I had the privllege of seeing Dolly perform live in Manchester and the performance just blew us all away. Over 2 hours of non stop talk, humour and all the finest songs with the whole crowd singing along with the closin 9 to 5 before the obligatory I Will Always Love You (which I think Whitney Houston crucified) which was totally briolliant.

Sorry to go on but we don't get that many of the really big superstars/legends over here so when they do come it's good to get your money's worth
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Re: Just a Toronto girl that loves Dolly!

Postby ILoveDolly4Ever! on Sun Sep 16, 2007 3:27 pm

Hi Melissa! I love Canada! Welcome to the forum :D
'We walk it each step of the way with the dust of the rugged road clinging to our bare feet. Although we seldom realise it at the time, that dust is more precious to us than gold dust' Dolly Parton
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