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Ode to the Singer, Songwriter!

PostPosted: Tue Apr 14, 2009 1:51 pm
by skytorch
Hello everyone. I'm a huge fan of singers that have the special gift of being great songwriters too. To have both these God given gifts, the ability to express and create musically(in my view) usually brings the best recordings. I fell in love with country muisc in 1967 after hearing Bobbie Gentry sing ' Ode to Billie Joe'. I bought all her Capitol albums, loved her other hits( Fancy, Oklahona River Botton Band) and the great duets with Glen Campbell. I saw her in Las Vegas at her larger than life ,headlining show at ' The Dessert Inn' and watched her many television appearances( The four Ed Sullivans and her tv specials were ground breaking ) Then after performing on an nbc mothers day special in 1980 with Barbra Mandrell( she sang the broadway song ' Mama A Rainbow)' she retired to raise her new born son. I had always loved Dolly and Loretta too and started attending their concerts on a regular basis. ' Jolene' has always been my favorite Dolly song and it was so special to see her gain superstar status in the 1980's. I've followed her career closely ever since. I Loved the duets with Kenny Rogers the movie career and the great, iconic ambasssador of country muisic she has become. She has evolved into the greatest female country singer-songwriter ever. In 2004, Rolling Stone but together a list of the 500 greatest songs of all time. I was pleased to see that Bobbie Gentry, June Carter Cash and Dolly Parton were among the only handful of country greats to make that list.