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long time fan

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long time fan

Postby Countrygirl on Tue Feb 24, 2009 7:58 pm

I have been a fan of yours since I was 7 yrs old. I found an album of yours in my aunts hope chest when she died. It was Joshua. I listened to that ablum over and over until my mom said enough.. My favorite song was Chicken ever Sunday. I would run around the house singing it. Hoping when I got older I would become a famous singer like you. Well that did not happen..LOL You have been my favorite singer, 2nd was Tammy Wynette. I was so saden when she died.. You and her sang great together. And I love Best little whole house in Texas. Anyways. My son got married last April and they moved to TN. I am going up in April. I told them all I want to do is go to Dollywood. I am so excited to finally get to go. Dolly You have been my idol and I think you are the greatest. I went last year to your comcert here in Jacksonville Florida. I was beside myself. That was my 2nd concert I have been to of yours. Anyways. I hope that you will be in Dollywood on April 8th. My dream is to one day meet you. Just to say hi and to let my family know I finally meet her. I have always told my family that on my death bed You are the one I want to meet. Most people want to meet football stars and other not me Just you. Well I quest I am just rattling. ANyways you are the greatest. Keep it up

Your greatest Fan
Tammi Bowles
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