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Hi, It's grannyfrog from Dublin, Ga.

PostPosted: Thu May 22, 2008 12:09 am
by grannyfrog
I have never met Miss Dolly myself but my nephew was working as an entertainer at Country Tonight in Pigeon Forge and he has always been a bit of a nut with not much getting to him but Miss Dolly managed to make him blush! And I am sure she backed it up with that sweet great laugh of hers! :lol: :D First I would like to say I have many great cd's of hers, she is no.# 1 in my collection of ladies! I have been watching American Idol, as I know most of America has been this year! Miss Dolly as always was exceptional as a coach. As she stated about David Archuletta, he has the potential to be a GREAT, GREAT singer! I am trully dissappointed in tonights outcome! I recorded David A's performance of Smokey Mountain Memories on the dvr and still listen to it daily sometimes many times at full volume. I hope and pray that Miss Dolly or someone from her staff will read this! If David A. had had a cd on the shelf, I would have gone the next morning and not only bought one for myself but for my loved ones, which are many! Only Miss Dolly can steer him in the right direction! The young man is a gift from God and was born to sing country and gospel music! With the right influence such as someone with the heart and knowledge of Miss Dolly he will make himself and whoever backs him millions. I am a grandmother of 4, I know music because it has always been not only the best part of me but God's way of holding me close and guiding me through the great and difficult times. Miss Dolly is a part of that, as I love all that she sings and stands for! One of my sweetest surprizes in buying her cd's was the one that has the paper dolls insert, whom I had to show to all who came over! Debbie Fordham