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Hey There!

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Hey There!

Postby Electricbanjoman on Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:49 pm

Hey there Electricbanjoman here, This looks like a great site.
I`ve been playing music since 1964 when I first saw the Porter Wagoner TV Show , somewhere around 1965 or so I remember going to my first Porter concert where I saw Miss Dolly for the first time, She was waring a pink dress with butterfly`s on it.& i fell in love.
I also met some good life long friends there, Buck Trent whom I later played on stage with & made a guitar & electricbanjo for, Don Wardon who I`ve talked to many times in fact I talked to him yesterday by phone.
Mack Magha Who I use to love to watch play the fiddle. & on that concert i saw for the first time Mr. Porter`s daughters, & now I claim one of them as my lil Sis, ( She`s a real sweetie)
I have made & played guitars & electricbanjo`s in the Buck Trent style since I was 11, in fact I have a neck , a bridge & tuners from Bucks old Baldwin electric Banjo that he used on the Porter Wagoner TV show in the 60`s & behind miss Dolly on several of her songs, I had Shot Jackson ( now gone) put them on an electric banjo that I keep on the stand as a keepsake. I record at home & my wife whom by the way looks a lot like miss Dolly sings She loves miss Dolly`s songs. We just basically have a good time, I still watch miss Dolly on TV on the old Porter Wagoner TV show on RFDTV. She`s a real sweetie. God bless you miss Dolly
Electricbanjoman :mrgreen:
If i ain`t broke don`t fix it,
When you get it weld it.
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