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Howdy Ya'll!!

PostPosted: Sun Aug 19, 2007 10:24 am
by ILoveDolly4Ever!
Hello!! My name's Tom and i am a huge fan of Dolly! I saw her in Newcastle back in March and it was the greatest show i've ever been to! I'm 16, love country music, play guitar and am currently working part time before starting college in September! My fave Dolly songs are, '9 to 5', 'Here You Come Again', 'Jolene', 'Smokey Mountain Memories', 'Raven Dove', 'Coat Of Many Colours' and 'The Grass Is Blue'. My fave Dolly film is probably 9 to 5, closely followed by Straight Talk and The Best Little Whorehouse. I am a work in progress songwriter, building up my guitar playing before materialising any of the melodies i've been carrying in my head, and there's lots of them!! Anyway, i'm a huge Dolly fan and am so excited the forums up and running again!! :D :D