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What Would You Ask Dolly?

Discuss anything and everything related to our favorite country queen...

What Would You Ask Dolly?

Postby Chris on Fri Mar 27, 2009 7:47 pm

I have an open question for the forum: If you could ask Dolly a question, what would it be? I'm looking for good, thoughtful questions or just things you would like to know.
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Re: What Would You Ask Dolly?

Postby kgallatin on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:25 am

Hi Chris, I have been told my entire life that Dolly is a cousin, and I would like to ask her if this is true. My grandfather's name was McKinley Parton, and I have been told that he was either her father or grandfather's brother. He died before she was born in about 1937 or 38, and he left 10 children. My mother, Myrtle, was one of them, and she told me that she used to go to Sunday School with Dolly when they were kids.

I tried once to meet her and ask her myself about 29 years ago when she played in Indianapolis at the State Fair. But the guy I talked to only took my mother's name, and of course she didn't recognize the name at all. She was also on stage when she should have been in the hospital, so it is probably a good thing I didn't meet her. I would have insisted she cancel and seek help. But I have to admit she did put on a wonderful show!

I'm sure that Dolly has put together a family tree, and I would just like to know if McKinley Parton is on it. Karen
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